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                NORRES product portfolio

                NORRES Production: Hose on rails

                NORRES offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of standard products as well as made-to-measure products. NORRES’ certification to ISO 9001 in Germany underlies the consistently high standard – from product development through to production to purchasing and logistics.

                NORRES products comply with a wide range of regulations such as the ATEX Directive, UL approvals, FDA conformity, EU directives and numerous others. Furthermore, NORRES offers convincing solutions in the field of cable protection systems and environmental technology thanks to the use of high quality plastic materials such as Pre-PUR®.

                NORRES thus provides a comprehensive and unparalleled product portfolio with future-oriented solutions in the field of plastic hoses. The objective: Reliability, certified quality and a broad spectrum across all product segments.

                NORRES Innovations

                NORRES Engineering

                An extremely high level of vertical manufacturing combined with an in-house engineering department with proven expertise in this field is the key qualification and the hallmark of NORRES within the industry.

                Innovations and standard products are designed to help you solve even the most complex technological challenges. The objective: Further extending our technological leadership to the benefit of our customers.

                NORRES services


                Know-how, individual consultation and quality are the distinctive features of our services: From consulting and modern logistics through to customer-specific marketing services. NORRES offers impressive performance.

                The objective: NORRES develops customised service packages that add real value for successful cooperation.

                Take advantage of the competence and performance of the market leader in the field of technical hoses and hose systems. NORRES – simply flexible!






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