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                Pressure Loss Data

                Determining the Pressure Loss of a Hose:

                When conveying materials pressure-loss is inevitable and must be considered by establishing the required compressor power. Our hoses are flow optimized, exceptionally smooth and the internal bending radius folds in a regular pattern, reducing losses to a minimum. Significantly lowering both the purchase and running costs of the system.

                The total pressure-loss consists in the first part of  Δpv, which can be found in the diagrams. A second part ΔpBogen must be considered and calculated if the hose is installed with bends.

                (l = length of the hose, ζ = resistance value see below,
                δ = density e.g. of air is 1.21 kg/m3, v = velocity of flow):

                The resistance value ζ must be calculated for every individual bend:


                Pressure-loss of an I.D. 75 mm AIRDUC? PUR 351 MHF hose with a velocity flow of 19 m/s (i.e. in the first diagram: Δpv=120 Pa/m).The total length of the system is 12 m with one 90° bend (i.e. φ=90° → k=1) with the minimum bending radius (i.e. Bending Radius + ? x ?/I.D.≈1 → ζ90°=0,51) and a second 180° bend (i.e. φ=180° → k=1,7) constructed with the doubled minimum bending radius (→ ζ90°=0,3):

                Average value of Δpv for the following hose types:

                • AIRDUC 341, 350, 351, 352, 362, 363
                • AIRDUC 356
                • BARDUC 381, 382
                • NEO 2, SIL 2
                • TIMBERDUC 533
                • NORPLAST 379 - 380, 383 - 389

                Average value of Δpv for the following hose types:

                • AIRDUC 345, 355
                • AIRDUC 357
                • NEO 1, SIL 1
                • PROTAPE 326, 327
                • TIMBERDUC 534

                Average value of Δpv for the following hose types:

                • PROTAPE 310, 322, 370, 371
                • PROTAPE 301, 330, 332
                • TIMBERDUC 531, 532
                • CP 450 - 487
                • SuperFlex 372
                • EVA 373

                As the operating conditions of the user are outside our direct control and the constructive variety is too large, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the data.

                Engineering modifications subject to change.


                Copyright © 2018 NORRES Schlauchtechnik GmbH 滬ICP備13040897號-1

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