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                Stock enquiry Delivery state

                CE Certification


                In the past years, the European Union has made the CE mark mandatory for many products (such as pressure vessels, toys, construction products, machine equipment, medical products, etc.).

                The CE mark certifies that the product in question meets the requirements of one or more directives of the new EU policies for the product's area of application. If a product that falls under the new directives (such as machinery) does not bear the CE mark, then it may no longer be marketed after a particular date (January 1, 1995 in the case of machinery). A product properly labelled with the CE mark may be sold without restriction in any EU country (unlimited free trade).

                With regard to NORRES hoses, the following applies:

                1. The products by definition of the EU directive for machinery (89/392/EC) are not classified as machinery or safety components. Nor are these products subject to low voltage and EMC guidelines, medical product guidelines, etc. .
                2. Products that are not subject to one of the new EU directives are not permitted to bear the CE mark. Consequently, we are also not able to provide a declaration of conformity (manufacturer's declaration).

                (The following product groups are exceptions to this: special designed hose systems, electrically conductive hoses, cable protection hoses and fittings for cable protection hoses.)

                Other products in our selection, such as special cable protection systems, medical respiration hoses or also pre-assembled electrically conductive hose system solutions can have the CE mark applied to them. It is possible to issue a certificate of conformity in these cases.

                Moreover, we have a certified, ongoing quality management system subject to external monitoring and can provide you with safety data sheets for each product in accordance with DIN EN 292.

                As the operating conditions of the user are outside our direct control and the constructive variety is too large, we can not guarantee the accuracy of the data.

                Engineering modifications subject to change.


                Copyright © 2018 NORRES Schlauchtechnik GmbH 滬ICP備13040897號-1

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