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                Installation Guidelines

                Requirements according to DIN 20066 and the guidelines of the German BG Chemie (leaflet T 002):

                In order to ensure the functioning and not to shorten the service lives of hose conduits by additional stressing, the following requirements have to be fulfilled.

                If mechanical stresses from the outside (e.g. frequent pulling over the ground) cannot be avoided, then hoses of highly abrasion proof polyurethane or CP-hoses with outside steel clamp profiles should be applied.

                Left part of picture: AIRDUC? PUR and CP hoses with outside abrasion protection.
                Right part of picture: Conventional hoses without integrated Abrasion protection.

                Join hoses free of torsion.

                Avoid too strong bending stress by the use of a roll or a hose saddle corresponding to the allowed bending radius.

                Install the hose conduit as 180 ° - arc with sufficient straight ends as illustrated. Measure the installation distance according to the required bending radius.

                Avoid irregular distortion directly behind the connection armatures. Note the minimum bending radius.

                Guide motion and hose axis should lay in the same surface plane. Thus prevents any damaging torsional stress.

                Arrange hose conduits that way that they do not come into contact with ground, walls or other objects.

                Engineering modifications subject to change.


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