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                TRGS 727 FAQ

                TRGS 727 FAQ

                Most frequently asked questions and answers

                According to the latest research findings1, recent requirements for the pneumatic conveying of bulk materials are not sufficient to prevent the occurrence of ignition sources. Because the TRGS 727 is now valid for the usage of technical hoses in hazardous areas and the aspiration and pneumatic transport, we want to answer some of the frequently asked questions:

                What is the purpose of the TRGS 727?

                The TRGS 727 is used to assess and avoid ignition hazards, which can result from electrostatic charging in hazardous areas.

                Which areas are affected by the TRGS 727?

                All application areas where electrostatic charging and thus a danger of ignition can occur. For example, the filling and emptying of drums, canisters, tanks, bags and IBC's.

                Which products are already certified according to the TRGS 727?

                NORRES already offers TRGS 727 certified suction and conveying hoses from the product lines AIRDUC?, PROTAPE? and NORPLAST?.

                What is new about the TRGS 727?

                The new TRGS 727 replaces the previous Technical rules for operating safety TRBS 2153 and updates it. Compared to the old directive there are changes in more than 100 points. Completely new are the sections on using pipes and hoses for bulk materials and filter elements in dust separators as well as the annex ?Tubes and pipes for pneumatic transport of bulk materials“2.

                Is there a transition period? When will the TRGS 727 gets valid?

                The TRGS 727 is immediately valid without a transition period. Users and plant constructors need to rethink and revise the risk analysis and adapt existing systems according to the new TRGS 727.

                What about existing systems?

                Existing systems must meet the requirements of the TRGS 727 immediately.

                A selection of already TRGS 727 certified NORRES hoses

                Many more TRGS 727 certified hoses can be found in our product sortiment of technical hoses, in particular in the product category antistatic hoses / conductive hoses.

                Link to News article

                For further information, do not hesitate to contact our sales team:

                Phone: +49 209 8 00 00 0

                E-Mail: info(at)norres.com

                1+2 TRGS 727 publication from 12 April 2016


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