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                What employees say

                Our employees' statements

                We have asked our employees: Why do you like working for NORRES? These are the answers:

                ?I have room in which I can make my own decisions. The cooperation between colleagues and supervisors takes place on an equal footing. This significantly increases the enjoyment factor and success at work.“

                Ahmet Arslan, Technical Sales Manager


                ?I find the personal atmosphere and the friendly approach very positive. The tasks are very diverse and in my job I work together with many specialist departments, which is very interesting.“

                Tanja Luque Gamero, Purchasing Department



                ?As a growing company, NORRES offers its employees rapid opportunities for promotion and possibilities for personal fulfilment. NORRES cultivates a human approach and gives recognition to its employees. I am able just to be myself here.“

                Vitalij Schreider, CFO



                ?For me, working at NORRES means being able to work in a very friendly atmosphere. By means of employee surveys and, above all through workshops, we are conveyed the feeling that we are taken seriously and are part of the big picture.
                Last but not least, you always have the opportunity to develop further at the company by means of personal initiative and good performance.“

                Tobias Drees, Shipping Shift Supervisor



                ?It is special for me to work at NORRES because I am encouraged a lot.
                You work in a team and are able to be creative. NORRES is open to new ideas.“

                André Kleinert, Production Area Manager



                ?NORRES offers me the opportunity to bring my concepts and ideas into a varied and pleasant working environment and to implement them together with a motivated team.“

                Leon Wedderwille, Operations Manager Production International



                ?I like working at NORRES, because I can develop my area freely and all this in a pleasant working environment. In the team, everyone contributes their ideas – that makes us successful and so I enjoy the daily working together with my colleagues.“

                André Falk, Head of Order Processing & Logistics






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