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                NORRES continues its long-standing Christmas tradition

                NORRES continues its long-standing Christmas tradition

                NORRES once again supports children in the region this Christmas

                Christmas 2015 will once again see NORRES making its traditional annual contribution to the Arche Noah. The hose manufacturer supports the work of Gelsenkirchen’s and the region’s only children’s hospice. Frank Petersen, chairman of the Gelsenkirchen Children’s Hospice Association, thanks NORRES for its official donation and many years of continued support.

                Arche Noah welcomes donation

                For more than ten years, NORRES Schlauchtechnik has supported the work of Arche Noah in Gelsenkirchen with its Christmas donations. This year, chairman of the Gelsenkirchen Children’s Hospice Association, Frank Petersen, will receive the donation to support the Arche Noah. A meeting with authorised signatory, Martina Haarer, reveals: The donation is not just a sum of money that is given, but also mainly reflects the compassion and personal contact with the Arche Noah. “The Arche Noah is a matter close to the heart for the entire team at NORRES. This Christmas donation has become a real annual tradition for NORRES”, reports Marina Haarer.

                The Arche Noah

                Die The Arche Noah is a unique, national organisation with two functions: It is a short-term establishment for severely disabled children and also a hospice for terminally ill children. The aim of the organisation is to support and relieve families by providing children and young people at the Arche Noah with professional care.
                The Arche Noah in Gelsenkirchen describes itself as a “house of life”, which can be seen in the bright, inviting and colourful design of the rooms and outside areas.

                Frank Petersen (Chairman of the Gelsenkirchen Children's Hospice Association) welcomes the donation for the Arche Noah Project handed over by Martina Haarer (Authorised signatory, NORRES)



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