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                NORRES has a heart for the local children, year upon year

                NORRES has a heart for the local children, year upon year

                Arche Noah is grateful for the NORRES Christmas donation

                Right in time for Christmas, NORRES once again upheld its long-term Christmas tradition: Even in its anniversary year 2014, the Gelsenkirchen hose manufacturer made its Christmas donation to the Arche Noah. By doing this, the Gelsenkirchen firm supports the work of the only Gelsenkirchen children’s hospice in the region. During the official donation ceremony, Frank Petersen, Chairman of the F?rderverein Kinderhospiz Gelsenkirchen, thanked NORRES for the many years of continuous commitment.


                Donation ceremony at the NORRES Headquarters at the city harbour

                With its Christmas donation, NORRES Schlauchtechnik has been promoting the work of the Arche Noah in Gelsenkirchen since 1999. Again this year, NORRES welcomes Frank Petersen, Chairman of the F?rderverein Kinderhospiz Gelsenkirchen, to the NORRES headquarters at the city harbour, in order to present him personally with the donation. Because: The donation is not only a sum of money, which is presented, but also represents the sympathy and personal contact with the Arche Noah, which has existed for many years. “It is important for NORRES that with its traditional Christmas donation, it is involved with the Ache Noah and thereby in a small way supports the families in the region who really need help” - explains the authorised representative and manager of internal sales Martina Haarer with regard to the many years of good contact between the Arche and NORRES.


                The Arche Noah

                The design of the Arche Noah as a facility is unique throughout Germany, and has two functions: It is a short-term facility for children with multiple severe disabilities and at the same time a hospice for terminally ill children. The aim of the establishment is to support and relieve families by professionally caring for and supervising the children and young people.

                The Arche Noah in Gelsenkirchen describes itself as a “House of Life” - this is reflected in the bright, inviting and colourful decoration of the rooms and grounds.




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