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                NORRES relies on tradition

                NORRES relies on tradition

                Scheduled for 2017: Support for the Arche Noah

                Continuing with our own "small tradition" NORRES Schlauchtechnik once again supports the Gelsenkirchen children's hospice Arche Noah this year. Barbara St?ckmann, 2nd chair of the F?rderverein Kinderhospiz Gelsenkirchen, provided a donation at the meeting with NORRES authorized officer Martina Haarer, in the premises of the Arche Noah.

                A traditional heart project: the donation to the Arche Noah

                NORRES Schlauchtechnik is planning to support the Arche Noah in a long standing Christmas Tradition. The donation stands for honest commitment. "With the support of the Noah's Ark project, we want to help families affected by helping them recover and gain added strength for everyday life. In doing so, having personal contact with the Noah's Ark is very important to us!", Martina Haarer states that ?For over ten years, the hose manufacturer has thus been promoting and advocating for the children's hospice in Gelsenkirchen. Barbara St?ckmann knows how important donations are for her work: "For us, NORRES is one of the most loyal donors! Each year, it provides support that will enable us to improve the quality of life for children and their parents."

                The Arche Noah

                The Arche Noah is a unique, national organisation with two functions: It is a short-term establishment for severely disabled children and also a hospice for terminally ill children. The objective of the organisation is to provide support to families by providing children and young adults at the Arche Noah with professional care. The Arche Noah in Gelsenkirchen describes itself as a “house of life”, which can be seen all throughout their facilities with their bright and colourful designs in all the rooms really making you feel at home.

                Christmas donation for the Arche Noah Children’s Hospice AssociationBarbara St?ckmann (vice chair Arche Noah Hospice association) receives donation from Martina Haarer (authorised signatory, NORRES)



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