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                Hoses for the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry

                Foodstuff hoses and pharmaceutical hoses

                In this section, we would like to assist you with the selection of the appropriate foodstuff hose or pharmaceutical hose. In the following, we have compiled an initial selection of the most suitable hoses from our range for the conveyance of food and the transportation of pharmaceutical products . All listed products marked with the FOOD icon are food safe, taint-free and odourless. For further information about our range of hoses for the food and pharmaceutical industries see below.

                Hoses for food and pharmaceuticals

                Applications and properties

                Due to their properties, foodstuff hoses are suitable for a wide range of uses in the food industry. They are used for the conveying of food such as rice, sugar, coffee, tea or grain in silos, silo vehicles and tankers. They are also frequently used in packaging machines, mixers and dryers for big-bag charging and discharging. Because of their food safe walls and other important properties, these hoses are also suitable for use in the pharmaceutical industry. These include, for example, the use in vacuum conveying devices, suction conveyors, dosing systems and pelleting machines.
                Our foodstuff hoses are odourless and taint-free, resistant to microbes and hydrolysis, and resistant to oils and chemicals. Hose types with the identifier AS are also antistatic, which is very important in the conveyance of flammable goods and the use in hazardous areas.
                The following hose types are particularly suitable for food conveyance: AIRDUC? PUR-INOX 355 FOOD-AS, AIRDUC? PUR-INOX 356 FOOD-AS / PUR 356 FOOD / PUR 356 FOOD REINFORCED, but also BARDUC? PUR-INOX 382 FOOD-AS.
                The PROTAPE? PUR-C 335 FOOD-AS FLAT and the AIRDUC? PUR-INOX 355 FOOD-AS are particularly suitable for use on mixers, dryers and packaging machines.
                The products CP PUR 455 FOOD, PROTAPE? PUR 330 FOOD, PROTAPE? PUR-INOX 330 FOOD-AS, AIRDUC? PUR 350 FOOD-AS / PUR 351 FOOD / PUR-INOX 351 FOOD-AS / PE 362 FOOD and CP PTFE-INOX 475 FOOD can be used as alternatively usable hoses.

                Frequently asked questions

                Which hoses are antistatic and why is this important?

                All hoses bearing the abbreviation AS in the product name, such as the AIRDUC? PUR-INOX 355 FOOD-AS. In the case of hoses which are not antistatic, electro-static charging occurs due to the friction of the material against the wall and the friction within the medium. In the case of flammable raw materials, that can lead to an ignition or even explosion of the raw material. The use of antistatic hoses can prevent this risk.

                Can the hoses be safely used to convey food and be used in clean rooms?

                All hoses in this section can be used in clean rooms and can be safely used for food such as rice, sugar, milk powder, coffee, tea, cereals and other dry foods. Frozen foods can also be conveyed.

                Are these hoses flow-optimized?

                Yes, all specified hoses are flow-optimized due to their geometry and the smooth interiour surface.

                Technical details and standards

                The food suitability of our hoses was tested by an independent testing laboratory.
                The raw materials and additives used by NORRES comply with the following official guidelines:
                ? EU Directive 10/2011 and the latest Directive 2015/174
                ? FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010
                For more information on food law regulations, click here.

                All antistatic foodstuff hoses which are presented in this section have the following properties:
                ? Permanently antistatic wall: electrical and surface resistance < 109 ohm
                ? Certified according to TRGS 727 and ATEX 2014/34/EU
                Further information on electrostatic charging can be found here.

                All foodstuff hoses which are presented in this section have the following properties:
                ? Usable in a temperature range from -40°C to 90°C, some product types can be used up to 125°C for a short time.

                The following hose types are flame-retardant according to UL94-HB:
                ? AIRDUC? PUR 351 FOOD

                The following hose types are flame-retardant according to UL94-V2:
                ? AIRDUC? PUR 355 FOOD

                The following hose types are according to the product standard DIN EN 26057:
                ? Type 2: AIRDUC? PUR 350 FOOD-AS
                ? Type 3: AIRDUC? PUR 355 FOOD, AIRDUC? PUR-INOX 355 FOOD-AS
                ? Type 4: AIRDUC? PUR 356 FOOD, AIRDUC? PUR-INOX 356 FOOD-AS

                For technical support please do not hesitate to contact us!


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